The 6 Best Budget Burr Grinder – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Buy the Best Budget Burr Grinder and Never Compromise On The Taste of Your Brews

Those brewing coffee at home for years would understand the importance of perfect coffee ground and the impact it can have on the aroma and taste of the brew. And, if you are already looking for the best burr grinder, it means you take your cup of coffee very seriously. Even if you have the best beans and the brewers, a poor grind will destroy the quality of the brew. You can easily find the best budget burr grinder though and fix this issue once and for all.

Best Budget Burr Grinder

Pick the Best Budget Burr Grinder in Your Range

There is a wide variety available when it comes to best budget burr grinder and you can easily find something that doesn’t drain your pocket. Here we have the best picks for you combining quality and affordability.

Top 6 Best Machines Based on Customers Reviews:

1. Bodum Bistro 10903-01US-3 Electric Burr Grinder ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
2. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
3. Baratza Virtuoso Plus Conical Burr Grinder ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
4. KRUPS GX5000 Burr Grinder ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
5. Baratza Vario Flat Burr Grinder ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
6. Secura SCG-903B Burr Grinder ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price

 1. Bodum Bistro 10903-01US-3 Electric Burr Grinder 

Bodum Bistro 10903-01US-3 Electric Burr Grinder

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Why Buy It?

If you’re looking for the best budget burr grinder, this is your thing. The machine isn’t just cheap, it is also quite easily maintained and used. It is an innovative product that effectively eliminates any grinder static problems.

Its borosilicate grounds bin will help keep the machine free of any static-cling. You’d love it if you want convenience more than anything. The machine also grinds effectively for all the standard brewing styles from drip coffee to French press. Its conical burrs and 720 RPMs produce good enough grind quality. Overall, it makes a good choice for a variety of coffee types.

  • It is easy to use, maintain, and clean
  • It is quite an affordable option
  • It produces almost no static-cling
  • It addresses the aesthetics with five funky color options
  • Grinds only with inconsistent timer
  • Coffee grounds aren’t fine enough for Turkish coffee

 2. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder 

Baratza Encore Conical

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Why Buy It?

It is a minimalistic burr grinder that delivers the best value for your money. It is priced quite low to meet most budget ranges and still produces amazing grind consistency. It can easily manage most of the brewing styles and give you a perfect tasting cup of coffee every morning. Its 40mm conical burrs grind at a rate of 450 RPMs. There are 40 different grind settings on offer as well which make this machine quite a versatile option.

  • Delivers best value in this price
  • It is minimalistic and doesn’t need you to be a pro to use this machine
  • Comes with an auto-grind function
  • It is not programmable
  • Not the best for Turkish brews

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 3. Baratza Virtuoso Plus Conical Burr Grinder 

Baratza Virtuoso Plus Conical

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Why Buy It?

This is the best budget burr grinder out there and is the upgraded version of Baratza Virtuoso which ruled the industry for a couple of decades. The machine is very easy to use and is motor & burr design has been well-received everywhere.

Its 40mm burrs meet the commercial quality and work together with the DC motor for reducing friction and heat to produce consistent coffee grounds. The improved version of the machine comes with a timer and digital display which makes it easy to use. The machine offers 40 adjustment settings and that makes it a perfect choice for most of the brewing styles except Turkish coffee.

  • It has a commercial-grade design
  • It produces extreme consistency
  • It offers easy cleaning and maintenance options
  • It reduces heat and friction during the grinding process to ensure perfect brews
  • A bit more expensive compared to its cheaper counterpart

 4. KRUPS GX5000 Burr Grinder 


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Why Buy It?

It’s a favorite choice of most coffee aficionados and comes with a wide range of settings. You can produce up to 45 different brews with this single machine. What’s even better is that it produces consistent grinds each time.

It helps you produce up to 12 cups at a time and lets you decide how much of it you need. The grinding stops automatically once your desired results are achieved. With its transparent bean hopper, the machine lets you figure out when more beans would be required. The machine is quite easy to operate and clean. It looks cool when placed on the countertop too. It’s not too overly loud either and with all these great features it makes the best budget burr grinder.

  • It produces consistent grinds
  • Allows you to brew 45 different types of coffee
  • Doesn’t produce too much noise
  • The auto stop feature gives you a perfect grind for your desired coffee needs.
  • Cleaning is easy
  • At times it creates static-y mess

 5. Baratza Vario Flat Burr Grinder 

Baratza Vario Flat

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Why Buy It?

This is the best budget burr grinder that doesn’t require you to shell out a whole lot of money and still achieve the best quality grinds. It comes with 230 repeatable grind settings allowing you to grind for all the unique brewing styles out there. Features like programmable buttons, digital timer, and flat burrs make it one of the best choices available for serious home baristas. Whether you want ultra-fine or super-coarse grind, you’ll find a perfect setting for your needs.

  • It’s a powerful machine and still operates quietly
  • Comes with 230 different grind settings
  • Features high-quality, large burrs
  • It’s a sturdy product that won’t wear out too soon.
  • If you prefer simplicity, the product may be a bit overwhelming for you.

 6. Secura SCG-903B Burr Grinder 

Secura SCG-903B

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Why Buy It?

Even though not as versatile as various other models above, because the machine has 17 settings only, it is still worth buying with features like auto shut-off, consistency in grinds, and much more. It preserves the taste and aroma of your grinds like none else. It is quite compact and works best for different types of coffee to meet every requirement. Decide how much you want to brew and choose the settings accordingly to grind enough coffee beans for up to 12 cups.

  • Auto shut-off feature saves power and wastage
  • Helps you make up to 12 cups of your favorite coffee
  • With burr grinder, it grinds uniformly while preserving the natural aroma
  • Gives you the option to grind to 17 different sizes from very fine to coarse
  • Messier than you might think


1. Why does my decanter dribble when I pour with it?

There may be a couple of reasons for that:

  • You may be pouring coffee too quickly, try to slow it down.
  • The spout may be distorted. Though it’s rare, you should contact an authorized dealer for instant replacement if that’s the case.

2. What type of filter can I use for my coffeemaker?

You can use either a cone style or a basket filter. In basket filters, you get 4 cup and 8-12 cup alternatives while in cone filters you get #2 cone filters for 4 cup coffee makers and #4 cone filters for 8, 10, and 12 cup coffee makers.

Finding the best budget burr grinder may need you to do a bit of looking around. As the budget is the main constraint, you should be very careful about the quality of your selection. Pick one from the above list and all your concerns will be automatically addressed.

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